Tasty Recipes

Responsive Website Design

``We currently get an average of 800-1000 visitors to our website every day with a bounce rate of 38%``

Tasty Recipes is a blog that shares the latest recipe ideas. The focus of the website is on delicious food that is easy to make. User generated content is welcomed which has added to the progressive growth of the website.

Traffic is the key to the success of any website. When Tasty Recipes was initially launched attracting visitors was no easy feat. It took time and strategy to grow its online presence.


The Challenge

The internet is filled with food blogs and magazines. It’s extremely difficult to try and gain SEO marketshare on food focused keywords. trying to stand out from the crowd became very difficult.

The Solution

A strong brand presence was achieved through SEO as well as Facebook and email campaigns.

The Result

Brand resonance was established by the ever growing returning website visitors who populated and shared the website content.