Graphic Design is Important in Every Kind of Business


Graphic design is essential for any business wanting to make a positive, lasting impression. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand in any capacity will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship.

Graphic design is important for any business wanting to create credibility in their industry or field. The more content you provide that helps solve a problem or relieve a pain point, the more the audience will trust your advice and start to regard you as an expert in your field.

Graphic design is important for any business looking to share information with ease. Hubspot reports that infographics are actually liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content.

Featured Graphic Design Projects

Graphic Design Services


Logos, taglines, colours, tone, imagery all contribute to form the “big picture” of your company’s brand. A great brand will align with the purpose of your organization and naturally attract people who share your belief and attitudes — your A-Clients.

Graphic Design Service Overview

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Label Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Postcard Design Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Signage Design
  • Billboard Design
  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Car Wrap Design
  • Menu Design
  • Poster Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Infographic Design
Amanda Willett
Amanda Willett
Adrian helped me when I was in a bind. He was not only professional but went above and beyond to get the job finished on time. The website looks awesome and I look forward to working with him again.
Katie Diamond
Katie Diamond
Adrian was an absolute pleasure to work with on our custom landing page. He understood our vision, delivered excellent work, on time, and was receptive and responsive to feedback. Would highly recommend working with him.
Michelle Kaminski
Michelle Kaminski
Adrian was great to work with, always available and attentive to our needs. Adrian also met deadlines and helped to bring our goals and vision to life.
Anton Blagonic
Anton Blagonic
I have used Adrian Marteniz more than a few times and I can not say enough great things about the promptness and quality of his work, professionalism and value.I have received many compliments on our company site. its design and functionality and I attribute that all to him.
Jamie Milne
Jamie Milne
Adrian was a pleasure to work with! I have been working with Adrian for over two years. Not only did he help me with developing my website, but he also assisted with support for ads, traffic and so much more. He is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and truly an expert in his field! I Highly recommend Adrian and his fantastic work!
Peter Phan
Peter Phan
I had an idea and wasn't even sure if it was possible. After discussing with Adrian, he came up with a plan and and help me executed it. I owe my online success to Adrian. I have recommended Marketing Steam to all my family and friends.

Graphic Design Process

  • 1. Define The Problem

    You can’t find a solution until you have a clear idea of what the problem is.
  • 2. Collect Information

    Ask questions, do research and collect data to start generating a solution.

  • 3. Brainstorm Ideas

    Sketch ideas to start understanding how all the data and information collected may impact the design.

  • 4. Develop Solutions

    Take the preliminary ideas and form multiple small-scale design solutions that will address the problem.

  • 5. Gather Feedback

    Present refined ideas to colleagues and clients to gain insights and perspective on direction.

  • 6. Improve

    Revise, refine and build-out final design solutions to address the creative objectives.