Hi, Nice to Meet You!

I’m Adrian, a designer with 15 year of agency experience. I have a flare for technology and marketing: my specialties are graphic design, website design and digital marketing.

I started off in the creative world as an artist – experimenting with paints, pencils, clay and plaster when I attended the visual arts program at Mayfield Secondary School. Over the next 4 years I continued my education at Seneca College gaining a graphic design diploma. Fast forward 10 years and I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best in the industry and help global brands achieve their goals.

I’m a strong concept artist, able to take on a project from initial stages, right through to the final product. I work incredibly well with clients/colleagues and I’m a strong believer in team communication to get results. I have had the pleasure of working with amazing clients and fantastic brands including Will Smith, Coca Cola, Nestlé, Purina, McDonald’s, Kraft Heinz, Young Drivers, Hello Fresh and Sears.

My goal is your success, helping you build your brand and grow your business. I want to learn more about you and/or your business. If you are interested in cultivating your brand presence, let’s talk!

Featured Clients

What Everyone is Saying

Jeffery Alter

CEO, Miloma Investments

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Adrian. His maturity, dedication, technical abilities along with a great personality makes Adrian a wonderful candidate for any position that he may apply for. His ability to work with co-workers makes Adrian a great team leader.”

Glenn Swan

COO, The Well

“Adrian is a real professional with an excellent eye for detail. His ability to distill information from multiple sources and apply it in the most logical manner is excellent. He is constantly updating his knowledge base to stay ahead of the norm.”

Peter Phan

Business Owner, Cubelogic

“We hired Adrian for some design ideas to update our website. What we got instead was a whole new makeover of our website. Not only does it look amazing, Adrian also optimized it for search engines. For this reason, our site received more traffic in the first month than we received the previous year.”

Jeff Shaw

Art Director, Akcessia

“Adrian is smart, considerate and one of the most talented designers I have every worked with. His enthusiasm and passion for design is unrivaled, always willing to jump in and assist his team he is a true leader in the making and it continues to be a pleasure every single day.”

Winston Dalip

Sr. Graphic Designer, Staples

“Abounding with creative energy, Adrian’s enthusiasm is infectious – uplifting every member of his team to enjoy pushing their creative limits. As an expert designer and Art Director, Adrian is always willing to share his expertise with team members in an empowering way.”

Danny Williams

Illustrator, Publicis

“Adrian is truly a passionate individual who always executes ideas and concepts with a high level of creativity and speed. He is always bursting with a great range of ideas that make my job a lot easier when working with him. From strong communication skills to great design, I never hesitate to work with Adrian because I know the final product is better than expected.”

Richard Harris

Web Developer, Sutton

“Adrian is highly creative and a very easy-going person to workwith. As a driven and dedicated worker, he would be a greataddition to any team. He’s very innovative, a savvy businessman,and has first-class networking skills.”